Thursday, 25 December 2014

Running for Survivors

One of our members, Alice Gill is running the Reading half marathon in March in order to fundraise for Rape Crisis (England and Wales). It is an incredibly important charity, providing a range of specialist services for women and girls who have been subjected to rape or any kind of sexual violence. Services like these are crucial for survivors, being able to talk to someone about what has happened, how to process it and cope will help a person slowly to be able to get back on the right track.

Alice Gill's just giving page:

Survivors of rape and sexual assault are often silenced through fear, shame and blame which prevents them receiving the help they deserve.
Too many survivors are let down by the justice system and receive little or no support.

Rates of reported assaults are increasing but convictions are not.

Being under 18, having mental illness, learning difficulties, alcohol and drug consumption are all factors which increase an individual's vulnerability to rape but also negatively impacts success in conviction:

Diminished faith in the police is also a pressing issue.

The fact which disturbs me the most is that rape culture normalises sexual crime thus inhibits protection of vulnerable individuals from abuse which reinforces victim blaming and empowers abusers.

When survivors do manage to seek support there isn't enough available because of a severe lack of funding.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) are committed to providing services to survivors of rape and sexual abuse, as well as committed to dispelling myths, raising awareness and understanding of sexual violence. Their aim is to provide a safe environment for survivors to seek support and the justice they deserve.

*Please* join me in my activism against rape culture, and support survivors of rape and sexual assault.

Please donate, give what you can, to help her cause and support her in running the half marathon!!