Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Welcome to Feminism Society's official blog!

Hi All!
I'm writing this very aware of the late start, for which I must first apologise. This has been the first official year of Feminism Society at Reading, and so the lovely committee has been focusing most on making it an incredible experience for our new members, with plenty of socials and excellent sessions, instead of keeping this blog going. But with enhancement week over, and a routine settled into, I felt it was time to officially start working on keeping this updated!
The plan will be to keep the blog updated fortnightly with our activities as a society, including any photos and finished products. I'd also like to work on creating a resource of member submitted posts about current issues in feminism, but that depends on the supply of people wanting to write for us. Currently, our Facebook group is stuffed with articles that our brilliant and enthusiastic members share, I'd love to get a nice complete record of all these articles as well, but this does depend on how much time our lovely media reps have.

I'm also planning on having at least all of the committee members submit at least one post each, hopefully with a personal slant, so members have a chance to get to know us and our angles on feminism more personally.

Thanks for bearing with us, and watch this space for more updates of society activities past and upcoming events, which personally I can't wait for! Most notably, we've got the Reclaim the Night London trip coming up, and our Christmas Dinner social, which are bound to be incredibly exciting and hopefully we'll get loads of pictures to put up here!

And on a personal note, I'm honored to have such a brilliant committee and be part of such a fabulous and vibrant society, and I'm excited to see what lies in the future for our amazing society!

With Love,
Fenella Ginn, FemSoc President.

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